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Thank you PS Charities for your $50,000 donation to help build houses for combat wounded veterans!

About Gramatica Family Foundation

The Gramatica family, consisting of former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Martin Gramatica, his brother Bill, previously with the Arizona Cardinals and former USF kicker Santiago founded Gramatica SIPS International in 2009. Gramatica SIPS provides a full line of services involving Structural Insulated Panel Systems also known as SIPS. Structurally Insulated Panels are environmentally friendly building products that provide greater levels of insulation and show tremendous strength in extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes and other hazardous weather. While conducting business in the Tampa Bay area, the Gramatica brothers saw a need to support deserving members of their community especially combat wounded veterans. They began partnering with other organizations to increase awareness and support of veterans in the Bay Area; especially those veterans who return from combat duty and face insurmountable health and financial challenges. In order to assist a greater number of worthy local residents, the Gramaticas have founded the Gramatica Family Foundation; a non-profit whose mission is to provide energy efficient housing initiatives and development assistance to disabled military veterans, the underprivileged and the ailing.