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“As a NYC firefighter that risked his own life to save others during 9/11, we’d like to thank Tim Harrigan for sharing his story with us at this year’s kickball tournament. A true hero who now, once again, has to be a hero for his wife who is battling cancer. For those that would like to help him and his family, please visit: www.bethematch.org

Our History

Since the year 2000, the Gramatica Brothers have been partnering with builders, developers, corporate and individual sponsors and volunteers to help severely wounded war heroes and their families transition from the battlefront to the home front. They have provided their energy efficient Gramatica SIPS panels to help build homes for combat wounded veterans in the Tampa Bay area.

These materials allow homeowners to live virtually maintenance free for years by reducing their cost of heating/cooling and water bills.

How Can You Help?

Gramatica Family Foundation welcomes the opportunity to partner with your company and can provide several options of support to best meet your organization’s need. All partnerships are valued and assist the Gramatica Family Foundation support its mission of providing energy efficient housing initiatives and development assistance to disabled military veterans, the underprivileged and the ailing.

On-site volunteer opportunities assisting with house wall raisings and construction House and special event sponsorships



The Gramatica family, consisting of former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Martin Gramatica, his brother Bill, previously with the Arizona Cardinals and former USF kicker Santiago

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